Directions and Parking

Address:  1430 Tulane Avenue. Hutchinson Building, Room 1545


Telephone: 504-988-4325 (heal)

1. Entering from Tulane Avenue

Enter the building and take an immediate right in the lobby.

Go through the double glass doors to the right of the police office.

Proceed up a half-flight of stairs and down a short hallway.

Turn left at the end of the short hallway.

Walk to the middle of the building.

Turn right at the sign for the Tulane Living Well Wellness Clinic.

2.  Using the Tulane Shuttle from the Uptown campus.

You can take one of the Tulane Shuttle buses to and from the Uptown campus.  Be sure to download the SmartTraxx app by clicking on the link at the Tulane University Transportation home page.

3.  You may park in the Tulane Medical Center’s LaSalle parking garage for your convenience when visiting the Tulane Living Well Clinic – Downtown.

The entrance to the parking garage is located on LaSalle Street at the corner of Tulane Avenue. The entrance is across from Tulane University Medical Center.

You will need to stop at the gate entrance and request a parking ticket.  Parking is available in any non-reserved spot.  Once you have parked, please take the elevator to the second floor of the parking garage and follow the signage across the skywalk to the Hospital and then take a right on to the second skywalk to the School of Medicine (Hutchinson) building. There is a telephone located at the door where you will be able to call for entry.  From there, you will enter through the door and take an immediate right through a second glass door. Take the elevator on your right to the first floor. As you exit the elevator, there will be a set of stairs that you will need to follow to the middle of the building where you will make a left.  Please proceed down the hallway and the clinic will be located in Suite 1545 in the center hallway near the LaSalle Street exit.

As a reminder, parking will be validated at The Tulane Living Well Clinic-Downtown.